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-right click csgo on steam library, and open properties -I think it should say set launch options when you open the game properties. #6. Phoon · Visa profil Visa inlägg. 6 jul, @ Can someone please post the sick aspect ratio borderless? The thing you type in advanced boot settings? #7. Okay, Every time I launch CS:GO it starts in x, bit I have a x moniter, so it leaves black bars at the top and bottom. I have to change the setting every time. Also my graphics settings do this too. I like to max out the game but I have to change every setting every time I log in. This is very. Tja! Vad finns det för start command för CS:GO som faktiskt funkar för att förbättra sin FPS?Nyinköpt laptop, behöver hjälp med "launch options. cs go launch options

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